Fcuk Conformity...

Bow ties are conventionally meant for men and are to be worn formally. Well, I say screw conformity and bow ties can be worn how ever you want to wear them!

I have never been much of a fan of conformity. In fact, in elementary school where I was forced to wear uniforms to school, I would always add a little something extra to my ensemble to be sure I stood out from the crowd. Whether it was my mom's broach, a scarf, or even a bright pair of socks, I could not stand the idea of looking like everyone else. Although I knew I was different, having a unique style didn't always feel like my greatest attribute. Kids can be cruel; I could probably write a whole book on all the names I was called. Instead of allowing those bullies to control m actions and consume my thoughts, I decided to become an advocate and encourage people to be their true selves, no matter what the world thinks. This is where bow ties come in to play.

I have always had a thing for Bow Ties! In fact I have always associated Bow Ties with being smart, distinguished and even rebellious. For years I wanted to wear a Bow Tie, but generally, they were mostly available in black with silk material and meant for a formal setting, booooo. I wanted to wear the bow ties like I saw Bill Nye The Science Guy! I wanted people to know I was unique and smart; but could never find any that fit my style or spoke to my personality...so I decided to hand make them myself!

My message to anyone reading this is, there will definitely be obstacles in your journey, however, if applied correctly, those obstacles could be the footstool that helps you reach your potential or gives you the courage to take the step you've always wanted to take! Don't be stopped or deterred from being your true self.